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20 percent of bedding fails quality inspection
From:Shine  |  2018-08-09 00:29

One in five bedding products failed a recent quality test carried out by the Shanghai Industry and Business Administration Bureau, the watchdog said in a report released yesterday.

The test covered 60 product samples from 34 brands sold in local shopping centers and supermarkets.

Compared to a similar test conducted last year, the number of products which failed was down 6.7 percent, the bureau said.

The most common quality problems involved shrinking after washing, and poor construction leading to breaking and fraying.

Other problems included low fiber content and high pH values, the bureau said.

A set of Wedgewood brand bedding sold at Shanghai Takashimaya in Changning District had a pH value in excess of national standards, which could cause discomfort to the skin, according to the report.

Quilt covers in two bedding sets sold under the Cansunch brand at an Auchan Supermarket in Yangpu District were found to have below-standard “breaking strength.”

A set of Hanbanly brand silk quilts sold at a Walmart Supermarket in Wujiaochang were found to contain fibers not listed on its product label, according to the report.

Authorities have ordered stores to remove failed items from their shelves and clear them from their inventory.

Customers who purchased failed products can return or exchange them, authorities said.