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All together now: It’s a small world after all
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2018-11-07 01:29

INTRODUCING a technology using light to enable data communication and displaying holograms of Chinese and British flags fluttering on the wall, the UK pavilion at the first China International Import Expo looks futuristic.

The British “Innovation is Great” pavilion is full of cutting-edge technologies that attract Chinese visitors.

Britain held its own Great Exhibition in London in 1851, which featured precious jewelry, rare machines and smart gadgets, to showcase the success of the industrial revolution in the country.

“Nearly 200 years later, the UK still has world-leading innovation,” said Tony Clemson, the UK’s deputy consul-general in Shanghai.

He said his country is also seeking cooperation with more innovators in China.

The data transmission technology using light, called Li-Fi, creates more secure, energy efficient and faster connections with 1,000 times more bandwidth than conventional Wi-Fi, according to Clemson.

At the British pavilion, the augmented reality technology might be more eye-catching than diamonds or machines.

A highlight is a robot named “Olly,” which was designed by a UK-based startup.

Considered unique for having a personality and emotions, it can serve as one’s assistant at home and respond to different demands.

“The pavilion looks fantastic — it’s bright and open. I think this is a good metaphor for the UK and shows all the innovative things the UK has,” said Lise Bertelsen, public affairs executive director of the China-Britain Business Council.

The UK is a guest country of honor at the inaugural CIIE. Apart from major British multinationals such as HSBC and Standard Chartered, many others are also presenting products in high-end manufacturing, retail, health care and education.

“The CIIE gives the exhibitors tremendous opportunities to show themselves to a very big audience, and it will give them a huge benefit just to be seen and to be part of this,” said Bertelsen.

Clemson said UK-China trade grew to a record of nearly 68 billion pounds (US$88.7 billion) in 2017.

China’s imports from the UK rose 19.4 percent year on year in 2017.

“Obviously it’s a huge opportunity for all of us as China opens up more,” he said.

During the week-long expo, more than 3,600 companies from around the world will seek common development with over 400,000 purchasers from China and overseas.

“I myself greatly appreciate the innovation spirit and capability of the UK,” said Li Enshen, a visitor who is in charge of international cooperation at the Orient Sundar Group, a Chinese construction company.