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Foreign students learn about TCM
From:Shine  |  2018-11-07 19:29

More than 100 students took part in the traditional Chinese medicine tour.

Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine organized a learning experience for international students recently.

Sponsored by the China Scholarship Council, the event attracted more than 100 students from 39 countries studying at seven local universities with Chinese government scholarships. More than 60 percent are from Belt and Road initiative countries.

They learned about TCM's preventive approach and qi gong exercises, which featurecoordinated body postures and movements, breathing and meditation.

They also visited the Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine, learning the history of its development and experiencing acupuncture and moxibustion on the bronze model of a human body. They alsolearned about an online system for diagnosis using cameras and gaining information through questions and answers.

Their lunch was prepared based on traditional Chinese medicine diet principles, which involves five colors believed to be helpful in nourishing the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

Their trip ended up at the university’s medical botanic garden, where they learned to identify herbs and their medical value.

Ti Gong

Foreign students practice qigongexercises which feature coordinated body postures and movements, breathing and meditation.

Ti Gong

Foreign students take a picture of a bronze model used for practicing acupuncture.

Ti Gong

Foreign students pose for a picture at a herb store display at the Shanghai Museum of Traditional Chinese Medicine.