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Children learn to sort their garbage by the book
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2018-12-06 07:29

Looking ahead to the time when Shanghai becomes a true eco-city, greenery and education authorities again acknowledged yesterday the leading role that young people have to play.

Totally committed to garbage sorting, the first books on the matter specifically designed for local students will soon be in schools across the city.

The books come in versions for kindergartens, primary schools and middle schools. What domestic garbage is, the different types of waste, how to properly sort garbage and city recycling policies are laid out in pictures, Q&A and charts.

“The books take garbage sorting into the classrooms in a straightforward and comprehensible way. Children can even teach their families how to get involved in sorting,” said Huang Feng, an official with the education commission.

Primary and middle school science teachers have already attended plenty of garbage sorting activities and are ready to make sure that separating recyclables is seen as both a social duty and fun.

Some schools received the books yesterday, no coincidence as the fifth day of each month has been designated as domestic garbage sorting day, with communities, schools, hospitals, businesses and parks all getting involved.

Wang Mingming, one of the vice heads of Songjiang No. 2 Middle School, said the school will use the books during self-study classes and extra-curricular activities.

“They are very instructive,” she said.

“We have done a lot of waste sorting activities, but we were lacking a good textbook.”