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Shanghai tops science and technology list
From:Shine  |  2019-08-13 17:29

Shanghai leads 20 cities in atrtracting professionals in universities and institutions, according to a report by Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Resources Center (SSTIR) and Elsevier on Monday.

As the report was released, more than 300 experts and business insiders gathered to discuss big data in future R&D.

The report, Data and Insights of International Science, Technology and Innovation, chose 20 major innovating cities including Boston, London and Singapore. Four Chinese cities, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong were on the list.

Focusing on R&D, the report looked at papers published. Each year, scientists in Shanghai publish over 50,000 papers, which ranked fourth among the 20 cities.

Sarah Huggett, publishing information manager atElsevier, said the report looked into science research from three different angles: papers published and referenced, talent and cross-regional cooperation.

“The flux of professionals around the world is crucial in today’s science and technology development,” said Huggett. “They made all the achievements and the world as we see it.”

The report showed Shanghai and Shenzhen ranked second and third in attracting non-local professionals. London was first.

Shanghai leads in cultivating researchers in universities and institutions, yet the number of researchers in government, hospitals, and companies is low.

However, the amount of money invested in innovation in Shanghai is three times that of London.