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Paper art on display at Fengxian Museum
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2019-09-11 08:29

More than 100 works from artists in 30 countries and regions are on show atFengxian Museum to mark the beginning of an international art season.

The International Paper Art Biennale Shanghai is open to the public free through November 10 at the new museum in the city’s southern outskirts.

Artists from Germany, France, the Netherlands, Bulgaria, Colombia, South Korea and Japan are displaying various artworks and art installations made using traditional paper art skills, including wrinkling and folding.

China’s heritage folk skills such as paper cutting, folding and carving are also exhibited.

The “Feasts on Paper”exhibition has five sections on paper art in China and around world as well as the future development of the genre. Visitors will be able to enter some artworks and have a close look at the section for large paper art installations.

As a highlight,Koryo paper, or the traditional Korean paper made with satin cocoons, is being exhibited at a special section. Papermaking was introduced from China to the Korean peninsula during the Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 220), whileKoryo paper was imported to China during the Tang Dynasty (618-907).

Some of the artists, including Ankon Mitra from India, Nane Wenhammar of Mexico and Canada’s Michel Gautier, presented their works to the museum for permanent display.

The exhibition is part of a series of rural art and cultural events in Fengxian ahead of the city’s annual international art festival in November. Over 80 events and exhibitions have been planned, including a farmers’ kite flying competition and a carnival atNanqiao Town.

Meanwhile, the Motocross World Championship, motorcycling’s Formula One, will be held in Fengxian over the weekend.

More than 70 top riders from 33 teams in 22 countries and regions will compete in the MXGP China leg, the final contest of the 2019 season.