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Campus dog abuse clips go viral
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2019-12-03 08:29

A VIDEO showing stray dogs being beaten by security guards at Shanghai Jian Qiao University has gone viral, sparking criticism of brutal behavior and a discussion about campus security and the treatment of such animals.

The video was posted on the WeChat account of the university’s journalism school. The post said that some students found three men beating stray dogs with a hammer near the library on Saturday and postedvideo clips on WeChat.

In one clip, two men wearing helmets are seen carrying a bag while a woman asks them: “Why do you beat the dogs? Why do you beat them?” The men did not answer.

Another showsone man beating the bag while the other two look on. There are screams from the animals in the bag.

Zhou Yuhua, director of the university’s security department, was quoted as saying the university had received reports of students and teachers being hurt by stray dogs and cats every year and it invites professional teams to take the animals away regularly. But he alsosaid the treatment shown in the video was improper.

The university issued a statement saying ithad asked the company which employed the guards to suspend them and they were now under investigation. The university said it was sorry, apologized for the incident and promised punishment for those responsible.

A university official told Shanghai Daily that since September at least 32 students had been treated at the campus clinic for injuries caused by stray dogs when they were feeding them. “But we never asked the guards to kill them.”

The incident sparked an online debateover the treatment of stray dogs on campus. Many students condemned the guards’ behavior, while others called for better security.

“I’m afraid of dogs,” was one online comment. “I’m against the brutal way of beating them to death, but don’t want to see so many stray dogs in the university, either.”