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Jing’an sets out 5 routes to explore historic sites
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-06-11 08:29

Jing’an District has designed five tourism routes to lead more people along its historical revolutionary roads.

The guided tours cover the district’s general history and visit local historical and revolutionary sites, modern landmarks and popular destinations.

“Apart from exploring great moments in the past, people can also experience today’s achievements,” said Zhang Zhong, a senior researcher from Jing’an’s culture and tourism bureau.

Route A offers a pilgrimage trail that guides people to major historic sites, including the shikumen (stone gate) building where Chairman Mao Zedong spent his longest time in the city and the memorial hall of the Party’s Second National Congress where the first Party constitution was drafted.

Route B offers a stroll along Suhe Bay, the cradle of finance and commerce in Shanghai. This area is where the first Chinese-run silk reeling factory was operated, and where China’s first modern chamber of commerce was founded.

Route C allows people to explore Shaanxi Road N., long regarded as an epitome of the city’s inclusive spirit and international atmosphere.

Built more than a century ago under the name Seymour Road, it is dotted with historic buildings of different architectural styles. Major sites on this tour include the Ohel Rachel Synagogue and Grace Church.

Historical sites on Yuyuan Road, another century-old road, form route D. Sites include the former residence of Cai Yuanpei (1868-1940), then principal of Peking University. And route E is a tour of traditional Shanghai-style architecture, including Yuanli Pawnshop Museum.

More information can be accessed from the WeChat account “Yuanlai Shanghai.”