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New network to protect neglected kids
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-06-23 09:29

Shanghai is creating a network to protect neglected children, the city’s civil affairs authorities said yesterday.

The Shanghai Children’s Temporary Care Center in Putuo District has taken in about 40 children since 2017, after it included children who are at risk due to absent or improper guardianship into its temporary protection and care system, the Shanghai Civil Affairs Bureau said. About 30 have returned to their families and four had guardianship transferred via judicial order.

The center, established in 2005, has 80 beds and accommodates abandoned kids aged between one and 14, providing temporary care, medical treatment, nursing, rehabilitation and education. It also assists police in identifying abandoned children and looking for their families.

“Via the center, the city provides emergency rescue and necessary protection for children in plight,” said Tao Jimin, director of the children’s welfare department at the bureau.

A coordination mechanism involving seven government authorities — such as those in civil affairs, health and law enforcement — has also been established.

“It accelerates the protection and caring process, ensuring best protection of needy children in the shortest time,” said Tao. So far, the center has helped about 140 children abandoned find their guardians and reunite with their families. Others have been transferred to welfare institutes.