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Construction starts on new TCM hospital campus
From:Shine  |  2020-06-30 11:29

Construction of the Jiading branch of the Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital began on June 6.

It will have 650 beds and is due to be in use by June 2024.

The branch is in the east of Jiading New Town, and the buildings will cover over 112,500 square meters.

Lu Fangzhou, Jiading’s Party secretary and director, and other leaders and experts attended the launch ceremony.

Shanghai Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital is one of the four earliest TCM hospitals in the city. The Jiading campus will be the largest of its three branches.

“The oncology department of our hospital is a key specialty of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. We will include lung cancer, bowel cancer, liver cancer, hematological tumors and other advantageous specialty departments into our special department cluster,” Lu Jiahui, Party secretary of the hospital, said. “We will also expand our pediatrics department as the demand for pediatrics in Jiading is relatively large.

“Pediatrics at the hospital is a key national specialty and a key discipline of the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the future, we will introduce pediatrics and related experts from other hospitals in Jiading. We will also complement existing top hospitals in Jiading with complementary advantages and differentiated development,” Lu said.