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Children in Jiading are back to cram schools
From:Shine  |  2020-06-30 11:29

Cram schools for adolescents and development guidance for children and toddlers in Jiading District that meet the requirements resumed work on June 2.

Schools for adult education resumed on May 18.

Now, a total of 251 offline cram schools have reopened after inspections.

Before entering the institution near Beidajie Street, all visitors including their own employees need to show green health codes, register their personal information and have their temperatures checked.

Most of the students are 9th and 12th graders who are busy preparing for the high school and college entrance examinations.

Some institutions have put up wall posters with details of sanitation reports to make sure students and their parents feel safe.

At a cram school in Anting Town, visitors are required to put on masks and sit a suitable distance apart from each other in the classes.

Windows are required to keep open, and sterilizing is carried out twice a day on all facilities and spaces inside the school.

Apart from the cram schools, some sports training courses have resumed as well.

Sports such as basketball and soccer have been replaced by basic training in case of direct body contact.

Students and their parents have been reminded of ensuring the institutions have passed checks to allow them to provide offline study.

Officials will also strengthen the supervision to ensure the safety for students.