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Long hours take the life of port chief
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2020-07-30 08:29

WangYounong, chairman of the ShanghaiWusongkouInternational Cruise Terminal, died from brainhemorrhageon July 11. He was 51.

Wang made a major contribution to the rapid development of the city’s cruise liner tourism over the past decade and earlier this year had ensured there were no imported coronavirus cases from the port amid the pandemic.

Before falling into coma on April 26, Wang had worked for eight days and nights with his colleagues to arrange nucleic acid tests and quarantine for more than 300 crew members on the Quantum of the Seas.

He had been working continuously since the cruise liner port, the busiest in Asia and the world’s No. 4, launched its novel coronavirus prevention measures on January 14.

Due to fatigue, Wang fell when walking down the stairs on April 14, injuring his leg. He fell again on April 22 from a chair when taking part in an online forum.

However, Wang, who gained the title of Shanghai “Model Worker” this year, never stopped working.

“He never complained about work or spoke about any discomfort,” saidZhouGuoliang, head of Baoshan Customs, who worked with Wang for over 10 years.

LiGuoping, Wang’s wife, said he had been giving all his time and energy to work and had spent little time with his daughter and family.

“He agreed to accompany us to travel around after retirement, but the promise can never be fulfilled now,” Li said.

Wang was taking medicine for hypertension, which led to an arterial aneurysm in his brain which burst.

Wang was born in Zongyang County of Anhui Province. He started his career in Baoshan as a teacher and later became a cadre in the district government. He was appointed the director of Baoshan’s waterfront development commission in 2011 and the head of the terminal in 2015.