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WorldSkills officials send congratulations
From:Shine  |  2020-07-30 21:29

WorldSkillsInternational officials sent congratulations on video to the inaugural meeting ofthe WorldSkillsShanghai 2021 Executive Bureau.

Chris Humphries, acting president ofWorldSkills, expressed his thanks to the Chinese government andWorldSkillsChina for their support.

“The Chinese government andWorldSkillsChina support our belief that skills training is fundamental to help young people change their lives and the fortunes of their communities and societies,” he said. “We see this in the integration of theWorldSkillsprinciples into your poverty alleviation at national level, the Belt and Road initiative and the joint vision of building a community of a shared future for human kind. Your dedication is appreciated by the entireWorldSkillscommunity.”

He said hosting the 46thWorldSkillsCompetition and supporting elements including theWorldSkillsConference 2021 and theWorldSkillsMuseum, would bring the world to Shanghai for a global exchange of skills.

“We will be highlighting future innovations in skills development, while we also honor our past. Together we will recognize that skills have been and always will be the building blocks of society,” he said.

“Currently, while the world pauses from COVID-19, the WorldSkills movement is facing unprecedented challenges. We are here to supportWorldSkillsmembers, and also millions of skilled professionals around the world, who are keeping us moving, and are true heroes,” he said.

“As our members adapt to preparefor WorldSkillsShanghai 2021, with new ways of training and selecting competitors, we will continue our steady progress to create an impressive event,” he added.

DavidHoey, CEO ofWorldSkillsInternational, affirmed the important role of the executive bureau and said its establishment was an important step to welcoming theWorldSkillscommunity and a new and central stage in preparations forWorldSkillsShanghai 2021.

“Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, we appreciate ourcolleaguesin Shanghai overcoming challenges and adjusting your way of working, such as switching to remote work and carrying out online video conferences,” he said.

Since his visit to Shanghai in November last year, the Shanghai team had been steadily working on planning for the event, he said, meeting with theWorldSkillssecretariat regularly, formulating an actionroadmap, planning and developing details of many related eventsand activities, developing the theme of theWorldSkillsConference and advancing the design and content of theWorldSkillsMuseum.

“WorldSkillsand all our members appreciate your firm determination to keep planning on track,” he said. “We are inspired by your capabilities, professionalism andcommitment. The secretariat and I are looking forward to working with eachof you and once again being with you in Shanghai soon.”