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Putuo seeks pilot digital modification applications
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2021-01-07 08:29

PutuoDistrict began soliciting pilot applications in the digital transformation of the economy, daily life and urban governance as part of Shanghai’s ambition to become an international capital for digitalization.

A batch of high-standard smart applications and scenarios will be collected from local companies and institutions for city-wide promotions, said LiWenbo, director ofPutuo’sscience and technology commission.

Leading digital economy tech firms such as 360, JD andHuaweiissued applications on campus security andseniorcare at a seminar inPutuoyesterday.

A “Smart Campus” security management system bycybersecurityfirm 360 can monitor and raise alerts in public health, pollution, disputes, illegal activities and other emergencies with artificial intelligence and facial recognition technologies.

Another application to ensure the safety of elderly people living alone was also unveiled at the seminar.

It includes smoke and gas sensors, smart door catches, an intelligent drug box as well as heart and breath sensors installed on a bed. An alert is sent to the nearby community workers if danger is detected.

A similar application has been launched in Putuo’sChangshou Road subdistrict. Through the “special care group information management” system, officials can monitor the daily activities of elderly residents on screen or on their phones and the system incorporates a number of sensors, such as those for smoke and gas.

Putuohas built 630 outdoor 5G base stations to cover 57 key office buildings and five industrial parks to facilitate the promotion of smart applications, Li said. A number of demonstration applications are expected to be selected by the second quarter of 2021.