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Measures taken to ensure safety on the road
From:Shine  |  2021-01-07 20:19

Workers remove ice from roads in an overnight operation to ensure traffic safety.

The city’s’ road transportation office has strengthened emergency measures to safeguard the city amid the freezing weather.

Emergency plans have been issued and 9,000 emergency personnel allocated with 1,600 vehicles.

Straw bags, sand, snow remover and tractors have been prepared, with safety inspections of roads likely to get icy.

Key expressways, river bridges, tunnels and overpasses have been set up with caution signals, broken facilities along the roads fixed and obstacles and garbage cleaned up.

Officials are reminding the public to take necessary measures to stay warm and to drive carefully.

Ti Gong

Industrial salt is spread at the underpass on Jinshajiang Road to prevent accidents caused by ice.

Ti Gong

A worker inspects underpass ceilings.

The city’s bus routes have also strengthened emergency strategies, particularly for electric buses and hot drinks are being provided for passengers at some terminal stations.

“Our drivers will turn on the air-conditioning earlier so that passengers can suffer less from the chilly weather outside,” said Huang Zhizheng of theJiushiBus Group. “A lot of morning commuters were almost frozen waiting at stations.”

Ti Gong

Hot water is provided for passengers at theMohe Road Station on Route 159.

Ti Gong

A driver turns on the air-conditioning in his bus early in the morning.

Ti Gong

Hot water is provided for passengers at theMohe Road Station on Route 159.