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Trash honor is revoked for Jiading
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2021-01-12 08:29

Jiading District lost its qualification as a demonstration district for trash sorting due to severe violations of the city’s garbage-sorting regulations, authorities said yesterday.

The district’s trash-sorting performance evaluation score for the second half of 2020 was cleared, officials at Shanghai’s domestic garbage-sorting and waste-reduction promotion office said.

Also cleared were performance scores and qualifications as demonstration towns for Nanxiang Town in Jiading, Gangyan Town in Chongming and Zhaoxiang Town in Qingpu districts.

Gangyan and Zhaoxiang were part of the first group of trash-sorting demonstration towns in the city.

The other 217 towns and subdistricts in the city all received “excellent” scores for sorting.

Xianxia Xincun Subdistrict, Xincun Village, Shuyuan Town, Zhoujiaqiao Subdistrict and Waigang Town scored the highest, while Yexie Town, Xiaodongmen Subdistrict and Changfeng Xincun Subdistrict were at the bottom.

The assessment is based on the installation of facilities for sorting, sorting promotion, cleaners’ work and sorting efficiency, the Shanghai Greenery and Public Sanitation Bureau said. Criteria covering things like wash basins and odor control are also included in the assessment.

Food waste and other wet rubbish inside plastic bags must be emptied into wet trash bins, and the bags placed in dry bins.