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5 prosecuted for fraud over broken arm
From:Shanghai Daily  |  2021-02-23 09:29

Five people have been prosecuted for fraud after a 19-year-old man agreed to have his arm broken and pretend it came as the result of an industrial accident, the Qingpu District’s procuratorate said yesterday.

Last March, the man surnamed Qin came to Shanghai to seek employment and met a man surnamed Zhang on a social media platform.

Zhang told Qin he worked on construction sites where he could earn good money without doing a lot of work.

Several days later, Zhang introduced Qin to his colleague Chen Xing. After noticing that Chen was not very busy but paid frequently, Qin asked him how he did it.

Chen told him he and Zhang colluded with those overseeing the construction sites. Some other accomplices pretended to be injured while working and were taken to a hospital.

Chen then posed as the victims’ relative and negotiated for medical expenses and compensation, pocketing 10 percent of the money.

Chen also told Qin their plan was perfect because they had been successful many times.

So Qin agreed to cooperate.

One day, Zhang woke Qin up with three other people and told him if he let them break his arm, he would feel pain for a few seconds but could earn more than 15 percent of the medical expenses and compensation.

After he agreed, one of the men broke his arm with an iron bar. According to their plan, Qin’s broken arm would make them more than 200,000 yuan (US$30,940) several times a month.

Unfortunately, a head of the construction site saw through the fraud and reported them to the police.

Further probe is under way, the procuratorate said.