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Bowling class enters Huangpu’s school curriculum
By:Wu Qiong  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-09-13 15:07

The next bowling champion is likely to be from schools in the city’s Huangpu District. The sport of bowling has recently been included in the curriculum of Xiangming Junior High School and Luwan No.1 Central Primary School. Students from the two schools can now get professional instructions on bowling.

Zhang Peng explains bowling to students at Xiangming Junior High School.

As the new school semester begins, a bowling program has been introduced in Huangpu’s schools. On September 5, Zhang Peng, coach of China’s national bowling team, gave a lecture on bowling at Xiangming Junior High School in Huangpu District, imparting rudimentary knowledge of bowling to 250 Grade 6 students. Apart from explaining the sport’s origin, evolution, culture and rules, Zhang also gave some advice to the students on how to throw a bowling ball.

Zhang Peng explains bowling to students at Xiangming Junior High School.

One of Zhang’s colleagues teaches students how to bowl at Luwan No.1 Central Primary School.

On September 8, Zhang and his colleagues went to Luwan No.1 Central Primary School to kick off the bowling program.

Starting this semester, students from the two schools can go to a nearby bowling venue to take bowling classes once per week.

It is reported that the bowling program, initiated by the Huangpu District Administration of Sports, will benefit around 500 school students this semester. By cooperating with schools and social entities, the local authorities are striving to nurture more reserve players in youth bowling for future Asian Games.