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Foreigners in Jing’an丨ECUPSL American adjunct professor has a bond with Jing’an
By:Pan Chenxiao  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-11-09 09:09

  【Starting from the year of 2017, the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, together with district governments, has started hosting the "Internationalized Shanghai Promotion Series" to demonstrate the achievements and future planning of each district and enhance the exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and the world, so as to helpShanghai become a global city of excellence. After the first event series was held in Yangpu inthe first half year, the second event series, with the theme of “Internationalized Shanghai: The New Development and Attraction of the New Jing'an,” took place in Jing’an District—the heart of Shanghai. Eastday.cominterviewed some expats living and working in Jing’an, who talked about what they think of the new district, especially after its merger with Zhabei District.】


  Wiley Krapf at Shanghai People's Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries

  Wiley Krapf在上海市友协接受采访

  We have an interview with Wiley Krapf, an adjunct professor living in Jing’an District whose hometown is Chicago, U.S.. He first came to Shanghai in 1994 and moved to Julu Road in 2007.

  我们与来自美国芝加哥的华东政法大学副教授Wiley Krapf聊了聊。1994年,他第一次来到上海这座城市,在2007年他搬家至静安区巨鹿路,开始了他全新的生活。

  Mr. Krapf has a Chinese name, Ke Weili. It’s his eleventh year teaching at this university, and he thinks it is a great job for he gets along very well and has a lot of fun with his students from all over China.


  “I feel completely at home and safe here in Jing’an while it is not always safe in my hometown Chicago. One of the things I really like here is the diversity of food. On the other hand, I’m keen on the mix of the old and the new, such as modern buildings and buildings from the 1800s and early 1900s, and the combination is so unique, giving Jing’an real charm.


  Mr. Krapf has a long connection to Jing’an. His wife is Chinese, growing up on Yuyuan Road, and her parents lived here. He indicates that Jing’an has changed a lot since 1994.“When I first came here in 1994, there were not so many automobiles or tall buildings.”


  He said it is livable and convenient for foreigners to live here because he can get almost anything right outside the door or by taking only a short walk, and that’s why he lives here. For instance, he can reach Jing’an Park in five minutes.


  He walks through the park a lot, seeing local people enjoy activities like dancing, Tai chi, playing the erhu and flying kites which he hasn’t seen in the United States and make him happy. He added,“The local people are so social and do things together in groups like meeting in the park early in the morning for exercise while Americans are more individualistic.” Besides, Jing’an Temple is right in the middle of the modern buildings, very distinctive and interesting. There are also many cultural and historic attractions to him such as Changshu Road, museums and the former residences of Cai Yuanpei and Mao Zedong.


  He was involved in the English version of the Jing’an Times for years, so he knows a lot about the changes and regulations in this district. In terms of Jing’an’s merger with Zhabei District, he kind of misses the old Jing’an which he thinks is small but so powerful and considers the merger brings difficulties to the government in administration to a certain extent.


  However, he expressed that the government has brought the innovation parks together where a lot of high-technology companies are located and helped them grow, and new Jing’an has successfully attracted international companies to settle down, which is a big push for its development.


  He hopes all the old buildings won’t go away since it’s vital to preserve the history of this place.


  The article is arranged by Shanghai Jing'an District Tourism Bureau.