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Donghai rescue drill held in Shanghai
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-11-13 09:12

The 2017 comprehensive rescue drill organized by Donghai Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport kicked off in Shanghai recently.

The site of the drill organized by Donghai Rescue Bureau. [Photo/kankannews.com]

With a total of six rescue boats, two rescue helicopters and a series of emergency equipment and force, the drill simulated a series of maritime emergencies including crew falling into the sea as a result of the collision of a cargo ship, the ship getting on fire, the damaged hull leaking oil, etc.

The site of the drill organized by Donghai Rescue Bureau. [Photo/kankannews.com]

As the order of the drill starts, influenced by the collision of a container ship with a cargo, the crew falls into the sea. As soon as receiving the alarm, Donghai Rescue Bureau sent out rescue boats and helicopter to the scene of the accident to conduct three-dimensionalrescue from the air, water surface and underwater.

After the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) searches the falling people, unmanned craft sends life buoys before the helicopter and ship rescue men. Afterwards, the rescue boat extinguishes the fire and diver is sent to underwater to block the notch of the bull.

According to a leader of the rescue bureau, such a drill tests its comprehensive rescue ability which consisting with key national development strategies like “maritime power to strengthen the nation”,“Belt and Road Initiative”.