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Foreigners in Jing’an丨Mr. Lutz Frankholz from Germany: Shanghai makes foreign businesses easier
By:Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2017-11-28 17:50

【Starting from the year of 2017, the Shanghai Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, together with district governments, has started hosting the "Internationalized Shanghai Promotion Series" to demonstrate the achievements and future planning of each district and enhance the exchanges and cooperation between Shanghai and the world, so as to helpShanghai become a global city of excellence. After the first event series was held in Yangpu inthe first half year, the second event series, with the theme of “Internationalized Shanghai: The New Development and Attraction of the New Jing'an,” took place in Jing’an District—the heart of Shanghai. Eastday.cominterviewed some expats living and working in Jing’an, who talked about what they think of the new district, especially after its merger with Zhabei District.】



Mr. Lutz Frankholz, managing director of TÜV Rheinland (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Mr. Lutz Frankholz,a German and the managing director of TÜV Rheinland (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has left Germany for more than two decades. He first worked in Hong Kong for 16 years and then came to mainland China.


Founded in 1898, TÜV Rheinland Group is an internationally leading technology service provider with 500 offices in 69 countries worldwide and branches in 22 cities in mainland China.


When talking about setting up a subsidiary in Shanghai more than 20 years ago, Mr. Lutz Frankholz admitted that was a "big adventure", he said, because it was a new geographical, new culture, new business opportunities and a new journey.


“Shanghai is a national and global trade hub, and that is the reason TÜV Rheinland, a TIC company choose Shanghai. For reasons closer to customers and manufacturers, we chose New Jing’an, the original Zhabei District, because it is close to railway hub. Compared with other cities, Shanghai has advanced traffic and customers in neighboring cities can come to Shanghai easily by high-speed rail. For local manufacturers, it is convenient for them to certificate their products which are to get access to the international market."


Vibrant, cosmopolitan shopping malls, dotted bars, entertainment venues, and restaurants serving world-class cuisine... These are the images of Shanghai left to Mr. Lutz Frankholz, but the most impressive is that the city’s astounding rate of development. "If you live in Shanghai, you may not be aware of that. But if you come here once a year or once every two years, you will feel the rapid development. Really amazing."


"Both the air quality and the transport infrastructure have seen a significant improvement over the past two years, which we can all see." he added.


To be near an international school where his sons are studying, Mr. Lutz Frankholz had to sacrifice himself and live in the suburbs. However, he said he likes going out and getting close to nature. No wonder Mr. Lutz Frankholz always spares time for his two children in sports and school activities.


"I like livingin Shanghai.It is a melting pot, and people of different languages, colors, cultures are gathered here to live together. Government has many policies to make foreigners better adapttothe life hereand to make it easier for foreign businesses.”


He explained that when the company was established in Shanghai, they got the support from the government of Jing'an District (formerly Zhabei District). The office building was built by the district government in accordance with the design intention of the company. In addition, Jing'an District established the "State Inspection Testing and Certification of Public Service Platform Demonstration Area" which provides a good environment for the development of TIC industry, and further promote the development of testing, inspection and certification industry cluster.


“Our company is located in Jing'an District SMV Park. Although it is a little far away from the city center such as West Nanjing Road, the surrounding environment can still meet the leisure needs of employees. We often have lunch and relax in the park. Sharing bicycles also solve the ‘last mile’that the subway could not reach, facilitating the commuting of employees.”


In our conversation, Mr. Lutz Frankholz repeatedly mentioned the term "talent," and he said there is a big advantage in setting up the company in Shanghai-- "to recruit suitable trained personnel who understand foreign cultures, which is important for many foreign companies.”


"People here are straightforward, which is very important for driving business forward." The German, frankly, said.


Mr. Lutz Frankholz, who has long been immersed in Asian culture, has easily adapted to the life here. Unlike traditional Germans who worry about data security, he said mobile payments have become an integral part of his everyday life, "and there are QR codes everywhere on the table, and personally, I think that mobile payments do more good than harm."


"My family and I like to live here. Here is convenient and safe. We do not have to worry about being stolen, robbed, fought or kidnapped. I think it is a very important factor for foreigners to choose to live here."