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Famous Wusongkou liner cruise attracts more than 1,300 tourists after resuming operation
By:Lu Yukun  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2018-06-13 20:04

The Wusongkou liner cruise, the in-depth Huangpu River sightseeing route between Shiliupu Dock and Wusongkou, has resumed its operation since May 12, after a 6-year standstill. Ten cruise trips have been made available for this cruise during the past month, with an average of 130 passengers for each cruise, which is a respectable number with the ships having a capacity of 450 passengers.  

To better cater to the needs of tourists, the Shanghai Huangpu River Cruise Company, operator of cruise ship tours on the Huangpu River, has conducted a survey to determine whether the tourists are satisfied with the reintroduced cruises, including such questions as “In which way you have booked this cruise?” and “Which service needs to be improved?”. The survey shows that over 90% of the tourists are satisfied with the pricing, the cruise environment, the quality of the catering service and the service staff’s attitude, while the areas for improvement  include a lack of a variety of snacks, insufficient introduction of the tourist attractions along the route as well as inadequate localization of the entertainment activities.

Elderly Shanghainese tourists expect slapstick-style Hu Opera

The Wusongkou liner cruise conjures an emotional memory for many elderly Shanghainese. Knowing that the classic sight-seeing tour has resumed operation, Mrs Huang, who grew up near the Huangpu River, invited her old classmates to embark on this four-hour cruise trip. They were amazed by the dramatic changes along both banks of the Huangpu River, but instantly recognized the landmarks when the cruise liner sailed past the Yangpu Power Plant and the confluence of the Huangpu and Yangtze River.

“Most tourists who have chosen our cruise are elderly local Shanghainese, who expect more nostalgic elements during the trip,” said Tao Meng, deputy marketing manager of the cruise company. “We offer magic shows to them during the trip back to make the tour more interesting, while many local tourists have suggested that slapstick-style Hu Opera shows be introduced to the tour. Nostalgic photos have also been suggested, and we are now working on bringing these elements to the tour.”

Recent changes incorporated into the tour introduction

The Wusongkou liner departs from the Shiliupu Dock, and turns around and comes back after arriving at Wusongkou. The cruise is scheduled to be regularly operated at weekends, beginning from 11:30.  According to the feedback from tourists, the tour introduction is mainly about the Pudong area and little information is provided after the ship sails past Yangpu Bridge.

In reaction to the feedback, information about the opening of the forty-five kilometres of recreational foot and cycle paths along the Huangpu riverfront, coupled with historical stories about the Huangpu River, have been added to the tour introduction.

The four-hour cruise offers local cuisine to the tourists, including well-received fried pork steak, a spicy mixture of pork, tofu and peanuts, and sixikaofu, a typical Shanghai appetizer literally meaning four things bringing happiness. Such equipment as Espresso coffee machines are also available on board the cruise ship to provide more types of beverages to the tourists.