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‘Message sweaters’: an end to Spring Festival nagging?
By:Wu Qiong  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-01-10 10:30

As the Lunar New Year approaches, many young people are grappling with how to spend the Spring Festival holiday with their family members’ nagging again. Remember the “message sweaters” which were a hit last year? Do you still want to free yourself from the nagging questions this year?

Featuring messages such as “Please don’t ask me my final exam grades”, “No talking about salary”, and “I’m on a diet, I cannot eat too much”, the sweaters became really popular because they provided instant answers to clichéd and impertinent questions from some parents or relatives, like “How many points did you score in your final exams?” “When will you get married?” “How much do you earn each month?” and “When do you want to start a family?”

As the clothes are worn during the Spring Festival, there are some Lunar New Year greetings on the sleeves like “Happy Spring Festival”. How brilliant the designers are!

Many netizens regarded the sweaters as both lovely and useful, as the characters on the garments help to put embarrassing questions in the shade. What’s more, the red color is auspicious for Chinese people.

Last year, before the holiday began the sweaters were sold out in many online shops.

It is not uncommon that during the Spring Festival, a time for family reunion in China, parents and the elders want to show their concern and affection for the young generation, especially those who are working hard in a big city far from their hometown. The intention is good, but some of the questions are so sensitive and personal that they might make some youngsters feel uncomfortable or even offended. After all, it is everyone’s own life to live and people do not always want to obey what others want them to do. Some netizens, however, think we might as well please the parents or relatives who really care about our lives.

Dear readers, do you have any further suggestions on how to deal with the questions from family members this year?