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Dynamic photos: migrant birds flying over Chongming, Shanghai
By:Wang Jiaye  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-02-06 14:50

Shanghai's Chongming Dongtan National Nature Reserve for Birds won the "Eco China wetland protection demonstration award" on Feb.2, the annual World Wetlands Day. Here is a group of dynamic aerial pictures of migrant birds flying in the sky.

The reserve was founded in November 1998 and was later upgraded to national-level. The staff members of the reserve have been persevering in their struggle for 20 years to keep the ecological balance of grass and water in the wetlands, with a goal to protect the home of hundreds of thousands of migrant birds. Now the reserve has become an eco hot spot that Shanghai citizens are familiar with.

The latest investigation from the reserve shows that since the beginning of winter, 34,475 water birds of 36 kinds have migrated here. Among that huge total, there are a record high number of hooded cranes and cygnets, at 78 and 141 respectively. A record high of family anatidae creatures - ducks, geese and swans - of 15 kinds totaling 9,899 were also recorded in a one-time single-point survey.