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The secret of Lao Feng Xiang’s longevity
By:Huang Ziling, Zheng Qian  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2019-08-13 15:33

Some people may think that the time-honored brands only represent the memory of an era. However, in the information age, these brands begin to innovate to catch people’s eyes, such as introducing new technologies or conducting haute couture.

How can Lao Feng Xiang, founded in 1848, still maintain a thriving position in the minds of consumers after 171 years?

A master craftsman makes jewelry by hand. [Photo/ jfdaily.com]

The 3D printer used by Lao Feng Xiang. [Photo/ jfdaily.com]

Nowadays, Lao Feng Xiang combines science and technology with manual work to bring the designers’ creativities into full play. When Gao Xiaolin, a senior artist, entered Lao Feng Xiang in 1993, the jewelry was mainly handmade. However, Lao Feng Xiang introduced the technology of 3D printing around 2010, making it possible to more efficiently make the jewelry in batches using 3D printing. In addition, designers of Lao Feng Xiang have made many explorations on material innovation in recent years. For example, Gao Xiaolin has repeatedly used an alcohol burner to heat acrylics in order to test the combination of acrylic materials and precious metals and finally succeeded after a variety of experiments.

Lao Feng Xiang’s exhibition hall. [Photo/ jfdaily.com]

Furthermore, with the arrival of the era of big data, Lao Feng Xiang is paying more and more attention to precision marketing. When deciding designs, prices, channels and the marketing strategies of its products, it will use various ways to interact with consumers and collect their data. Then, it will evaluate all marketing programs through big data to select the best ideas and form the final program.

Lao Feng Xiang is also actively deploying a 5G network and exploring the application of 5G in  enterprise. “At present, we find that the image recognition and centralized computing capabilities of some automatic control devices have reached a plateau. With the 5G network, we hope in the future that all things will be interconnected within the enterprise,” said the head of the marketing department.