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Farming camps during epidemic favored among pupils
By:Wu Jiaqi   |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-07-29 16:41

As more and more people move to the city each year, people’s connection with nature is slipping away. However, a few of this year’s summer camps are trying to mitigate this phenomenon, teaching children the essentials of a rural life.

These new types of “farming summer camps” instantaneously became a hit this year. Parents seem to see it as a good option not only because of the diverse activities they offer, but also because they typically are only one or two hours away by car. Now deterred by Covid-19, many families have switched from travelling via railroad or plane – both of which entail being in an enclosed space for a prolonged time with strangers – to traveling by car to nearby areas.

However, a lot more than geographic factors contribute to the success of farming summer camps.

According to one of the parents, they wanted to send their child to this type of camp because of the flooding that’s been happening in multiple regions of China. They believe that these floods might lead to a shortage in food and are hoping that - through laboring in the fields – their child will know not to squander food. Apart from experiencing work in the fields, the children will also learn the basics of cooking, wilderness survival, distinguishing different types of crops and fruit and other activities heavily involving nature in these camps.

For many of these children, all they’veever had to do when they want something is ask. Having an experience in which they have to earn what they want through labor could be beneficial for city children, perhaps the ultimate reason behind these camps’ popularity.