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Shanghai Telecom Metro Line 15 5G full coverage at 400Mbps
By:liu Xutong  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-02-20 16:35

Shanghai Telecom has completed the high-quality coverage of 4G and 5G networks through the deployment of new multi-mode and multi-frequency room division equipment and innovative leaky cable methods in the newly opened line 15 platforms, station halls, and tunnel driving sections. On Line 15, passengers can experience acontinuous and smooth 5G network in the moving subway carriages, with an average downlink rate of 400Mbps, at multiple transfer stations, station halls and platforms such as Daduhe Road Station and Guilin Park Station. The average downlink rate of 5G of Shanghai Telecom can reach 800Mbps.

By 2023, Shanghai will have become a world-renowned 5G industry development highland and application innovation source. Starting from this year, Shanghai has added 10,000 5G outdoor base stations each year. By 2023, the 5G boutique network will be completed, and a total of 60,000 5G outdoor base stations will have beenbuilt. The average downlink rate in key areas will reach 1000M, and the uplink will reach 200M. The penetration rate of 5G users is expected to exceed 70%.

At present, China Telecom Shanghai has completed the construction of 5,000 base stations in the Shanghai Metro, and 5G coverage of 313 station halls and platforms and other transportation hubs. It is expected that the 5G construction and coverage of the related stations of Line 14 and Line 18 will be completed within this year. Thiswill not only allow passengers to enjoy the smooth 5G network, but also the large bandwidth, high speed and low latency 5G network can be used with innovative Metro applications,such as operation and maintenance and unmanned driving support.