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Fine dance drama will stage more than 150 shows in 20 cities
By:Liu Xutong  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-02-22 14:25

The five dance dramas "Crested Ibis", "The Electric Wave That Never Dies", "Cavalry", "Zhu Ziqing" and "Pomegranate Blossoms" will be enjoyed by more audiences across the country in 2021. Recently, the first "Contemporary Dance Drama Performance Season" created by Shanghai Wenguang Performing Arts Group was announced. The performance season plans to gather outstanding domestic original works from past and present. After their debut at the Shanghai International Dance Center and Majestic Theater in April, more than 150 shows will be staged in more than 20 cities across the country.

The 5 works in the show have wonboth box office success and andcritical acclaim. "The Electric Wave That Never Dies" won the "Wenhua Award", and "Crested Ibis", "Cavalry", "Zhu Ziqing" and "Pomegranate Blossom" won the "Lotus Award" for Chinese dance. In order to bring the five excellent dance dramas to more audiences, SMGLive plans to promote the performance season to the whole country through touring. The dance drama season draws on the Broadway musical operation model and "residences" in one city on a weekly basis. Take "The Electric Wave That Never Dies" as an example. In 2019, there were 51 shows in 19 cities, and after the musical tour in 2020, 84 shows were staged in 20 cities across the country in 5 months.

"Contemporary Dance Drama Performance Season" is a brand-newperformance platform hosted by SMGLive. From drama todance seasons, SMGLive will continue the production and innovation linkage with the dance drama producers such asShanghai Song and Dance Troupe, Inner Mongolia Art Theatre, Yangzhou Song and Dance Theatre, Anhui Huagudeng Song and Dance Theatre, and increase the pace of industrialization.