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Delays continue at Munich airport after security breach
From:Xinhua  |  2018-07-31 04:00

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BERLIN, July 30 (Xinhua) -- After a security breach on Saturday at Munich Airport, travelers are still experiencing delays on Monday.

A total of 330 flights had to be cancelled on the weekend and hundreds of passengers were forced to sleep at the airport.

One of two terminals at the airport had to be closed down for several hours on Saturday after a woman had been able to pass security without proper checks.

The woman in her 40s had been turned away at security after her bag had contained more liquid items as was allowed for cabin baggage. After she had checked her bag and returned to security without it, she managed to pass into the departure hall without another security check. Investigations are currently under way to check if the woman acted intentionally.

After the breach had been discovered, two departure lounges were evacuated. Since it was the start of the summer holidays in Bavaria, the closure affected more than 32,000 passengers. Apart from the hundreds of cancellations, 450 planes were delayed by half an hour or more.

Apart from heat and stuffy air at the airport, travelers were upset as they claimed to not receive any information for hours.

An estimated 2,000 passengers had to stay overnight, of which around 700 people had to spend the night from Saturday to Sunday on camp beds at the airport. Many more were accommodated in hotels.