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Russian official says Washington's new hacking accusations "dangerous"
From:Xinhua  |  2018-10-05 13:05

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MOSCOW, Oct. 5 (Xinhua) -- Washington's new hacking accusations against Russia is "poisoning" relations with Moscow and heading down "a dangerous path," Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov said Thursday.

"We regret to see how the U.S. authorities continue to poison the atmosphere of Russia-U.S. relations with new portions of baseless accusations against Russia, which some other western countries rush to repeat on orders from Washington," Ryabkov said.

Ryabkov added that the Western public is again being intimidated with allegations of "Russian hackers" breaking into computer networks all over the world.

Washington continues to feed the domestic and international public with false information in order to justify further sanctions and other methods to apply pressure on Russia.

Washington announced on Thursday charges against seven alleged Russian military intelligence officials it accused of hacking doping agencies and other international organizations.

A number of other countries and organizations also lashed out at alleged cyber attacks and espionage by Russian agents, including the Netherlands, Britain, Canada, Australia, the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. Russia has repeatedly denied such allegations.