Supply of blue crabs unaffected by Typhoon

Forced sale of TikTok could set a dangerous precedent

Govt unveils policies to bolster chip industry

The 18th ChinaJoy ends successfully

On August 3rd, the 18th ChinaJoy, which lasted for four days, officially ended in Shanghai. Given the ongoing global pandemic, the success of ChinaJoy was truly remarkable, especially when several other famous live game shows, such as CES in Las Vegas, have been canceled.

More flexible monetary policies next

Monetary authorities may come out with more flexible policies and facilitate the risk prevention mechanism during the second half of this year to ease the financial burden of small businesses, experts said on Tuesday.

Major cities' GDP growth in 1st half indicates resilience

The Chinese economy has again displayed its resilience and capacity for self-healing, experts said after more than 30 major cities released their key economic indicators, with the majority of them registering positive year-on-year gross domestic product growth in the first half of this year.

ChinaJoy winners expand boundaries of games

Video games have become an essential part of young people’s lives and “to inspire more possibilities of games”has become a tacit focus for game developers taking part in this year's ChinaJoy, Asia's largest gamer expo.

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