China's power generation rises 7.2% in first 10 months

China's fiscal revenue down 3.1% in October

Chinese brands look to new horizons at summit

The skinny on slimming capsule fraud

A woman who sold slimming pills containing a banned ingredient was sentenced to one and half years behind bars and fined 250,000 yuan (US$35,971) by Hongkou District People’s Court yesterday.

Pair of bridges span 35 years

After more than 35 years of service, Maogang Bridge no longer meets the needs of traffic on land and water. Despite the sentiment that the city holds for the bridge, it will be demolished when a new one alongside is ready.

Shanghai has the highest incidence of pancreatic cancer in China

The incidence of pancreatic cancer is climbing in China, especially in big cities. Shanghai has the highest incidence rate in the country, with 15 in every 100,000 people affected, double the national level and close to that in the United States.

Xiaomi unveils new products in London

Leading Chinese tech firm Xiaomi is looking to establish its name in the UK market with the launch of its Mi8 Pro phone. Here's a look at how it was unveiled, and some of the company's other products.

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