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Guests visit Shanghai Library
By:Lu Yukun  |  2019-07-06 11:06

The guests of journey of culture and humanities arrived at their third stop, Shanghai Library, and listened to an introduction of the history of the library given by Wang Heming, former director of the library. According to Wang, during Bill Clinton's visit to Shanghai Library in 1998, he reiterated U.S.  "Three No's" principles on Taiwan (the United States does not support independence for Taiwan, or "one China, one Taiwan," or "two Chinas," or its membership in any international bodies whose members are sovereign states.)

Visitors at the service hall of Shanghai Library 

The iconic statue in front of the library

In June - July 1998, during his triumphant nine-day state visit to China, Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton visited Shanghai Library, met with a group of intellectuals at the Shanghai Library on June 30. Accompanied by then mayor Xu Kuangdi, the couple also visited the Foreign Publications section on the fourth floor. There the Clinton couple also joined a roundtable seminar titled "Shaping China for the 21st Century", and he praised Shanghai Library as "a very good library" before he left.