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Guests visit Shanghai Science and Technology Museum
2019-07-06 13:46

Guests arrive at the fourth stop of the journey of cooperation, Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

Shanghai Science and Technology Museum is a famous public science education base. After watching an exhibition showing how plastics have exerted bad influences on Earth,  Michael Rosenthal, president of US green solutions.com, who has been focusing on providing environmental friendly solutions to companies, said, “this exhibition is one hundred percent related to my industry. It’s terrible that we create plastics everyday. Plastics bring tragedy to fish and there is even plastic in fish’s biological structure.”

Guests pose for a group picture inside the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum.

In 1998, Baltimore-based RTKL was selected over eight other companies to design the Shanghai Museum of Science and Technology. President Bill Clinton was invited by the city's mayor Xu Kuangdi to unveil the design at a ceremony held on June 30, 1998. The building is marked by a climbing roof structure representing the city’s boundless ascent, and is split between tall, airy exhibit space on one side and enclosed auditoriums on the other.