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Xu Jian: Omron will continue exploit China market
By:Cao Jun, Lu Yukun  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-11-06 10:57

As a Fortune 500 company, Omron has participated in the China Import Export Expo for three consecutive years and have expanded their exhibition space each year, completed hundreds times of sales talks, part of which have been transformed into intent for cooperation later. This year, Omron has brought along two products that will make their debut in Asia--its 6th generation table tennis robot FORPHEUS and the Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG offering. Our reporter has interviewed Xu Jian, Managing Director of OMRON China.

Debuting two products in Asia with human-machine harmony concept and vision

Table tennis robot FORPHEUS has been the limelight of news since the first CIIE. The sixth version of the product, as Xu Jian said, has integrated the core technology of Sensing & Control + Think, embodying Omron’s human-machine harmony concept and vision. The product features sensing technology for reading human emotions and ability and leverages AI technology to perceive each player's skills and emotions so as to design interaction solutions that enhance each player's motivation and bring out their ability.

Omron’s 6th generation table tennis robot FORPHEUS

The company has also brought the Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG offering, which is the first blood pressure monitor with built-in electrocardiogram. This home monitoring device can measure both high blood pressure and atrial fibrillation, two different risk factors for stroke, and connect patients and doctors closely through internet and apps with accurate diagnosis, illness management and improved treatment solution.

The Blood Pressure Monitor + EKG offering

Moreover, Omron has also debuted the Intelligent Cell Production Line—Enabling Human Machine Collaboration (CLCS), which has been developed based on the i-Automation and offers the cutting-edge cite intelligent and digitalized solutions. The Metabolic Management Center (MMC) Health Convenience Store project and nebulizers for home use will also be showcased during the CIIE.

Metabolic Management Center (MMC) Health Convenience Store

Provide quality solutions to help China’s industrial innovation and upgrade

Due to the coronavirus, major economies in the world have suffered from various levels of decline while the effective epidemic prevention and control measures taken by China has helped the country take a lead in economic recovery. Xu Jian believed that the opening of the China Import Export Expo amid the regular epidemic prevention and control will boost the confidence of the world economy. 

 Omron's booth at the 3rd CIIE

She also said that Omron will continue to exploit the China market and bring our leading automation control technologies and experience to Chinese enterprises. Meanwhile, we will also hold in-depth talks with local enterprises to understand their needs and get more investment opportunities in China to help China’s industrial innovation and upgrade.