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Katsuyuki Tomizawa: Actively respond to the call of new infrastructure development in China
By:Lu Yukun  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2020-11-20 17:13

In the new stage of regular epidemic prevention and control, the trend of digital transformation of new infrastructure sector is becoming more and more obvious. At this year’s CIIE, Mitsubishi Electric, which has participated in the expo for three consecutive years, showed up in the 4.1h exhibition hall of technical equipment with the theme of "new infrastructure, new power and new future". In a space of 500 square meters, the company has brought the latest technology and solutions in four fields, which are "intelligent manufacturing", "smart city", "convenient travel" and "quality life".

In an interview with the reporter from Eastday.com,Katsuyuki Tomizawa, Chief Representative of Mitsubishi Electric China, said that we will actively participate in the construction of new infrastructure in China, uphold the concept of mutual benefit,and win-win cooperation, further deepen cooperation with partners and create more opportunities for cooperation.


Mitsubishi Electric booth

Actively respond to the call of new infrastructure construction in China

Katsuyuki Tomizawa told the reporter that China began to emphasize at the beginning of this year that it should accelerate the construction of 5G networks, data centers and other new infrastructure.Due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic, China's investment in new infrastructure will not be limited to long-term strategic emerging industries and high-quality economic development. China's short-term stable economic growth and stable employment will also become a key policy. I think that the smooth implementation of this strategy will be the "ballast stone" to stabilize the world economy and provide new growth momentum.

This time, Mitsubishi Electric has shown many new technologies and solutions including industrial Internet of things, big data center, urban rail transit, electric vehicle infrastructure and other fields. The biggest highlight is the first comprehensive solution of "E-JIT" in China. The most attractive one is the tea ceremony robot which won the excellent award in 2019 Mitsubishi Electric Cup National College Students Innovation Competition.

Tea ceremony robot

Mitsubishi Electric booth

"At the Fifth Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee this year, China proposed the concept of "green development". The concept of "E-JIT" is highly consistent with the guidance of China to attach importance to green development. It integrates various issues faced by manufacturing industry such as production efficiency, energy efficiency and environmental load countermeasures with unique new algorithms as the core, and provides optimized green manufacturing solution services

It is introduced that "E-JIT" (environment and energy just in time) Based on the technology and experience accumulated by Mitsubishi Electric in manufacturing, energy saving and environmental protection, the basic development in Japan and the application practice development in China are carried out through the supply chain, integrating various data and comprehensive utilization, realizing the solution of high efficiency and integration The decision.

Katsuyuki Tomizawa said that we plan to vigorously promote the implementation of "E-JIT", cooperate with Chinese manufacturing enterprises to realize the demand of enterprise intelligence and green development on the whole, and the introduction of the system can simultaneously improve the economic value and brand value of the enterprise.

The determination of China to establish an open trade environment is reflected in the Expo

The COVID-19 epidemic is still spreading worldwide, and has not been completely curbed. The global economy is also in a recession and facing a crisis. In the view of Katsuyuki Tomizawa, despite the big environment, due to the effective control of the epidemic in China, Mitsubishi Electric business activities have also returned to normal rapidly, and the recent Chinese business has achieved double-digit growth.

Chief Representative of Mitsubishi Electric China Katsuyuki Tomizawa

In his speech at the opening ceremony, President Xi Jinping impressed Katsuyuki Tomizawa most deeply by "making China a world market, a shared market and a market for everyone." The opening of the Expo fully reflects the determination to further establish an open trade environment under the promotion of China's market opening policy, which is very rare and significant for our foreign-funded enterprises, said Katsuyuki Tomizawa. "In the next 5-year plan, including the expansion of renewable energy applications and other environmental protection energy related policies will be further strengthened, we will continue to work in this direction to promote the development of China's cause with more confidence."