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How to eat watermelon in summer unconventionally
By:Ding Yulan  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2016-07-25 18:10
Now here comes the summer heat! The best thing to do must be sitting in an air-conditioned room and eating watermelon just like in the childhood. Here some extraordinary ways of eating watermelons.

1) Watermelon Salad

If eating watermelon spoon by spoon is too dull, then cut them into pieces and mingle them with other fruits. It must be a beautiful plate!
Material: Watermelon, various fruits, mint leaves.
Cuisine: Cut the watermelon into halves and cube the flesh. Then mingle the watermelon flesh with other fruit cubes. Fill the watermelon bowl with mingled fruits and pour some yoghurt or salad dressing. Put some mint leaves on the salad.

2) Watermelon Pizza
Don’t worry, you needn’t bake the watermelon!
Material: Watermelon, fruits
Cuisine: Cut the watermelon into a round piece. Then cut it into triangles and scatter fruits over the watermelon pieces.

3) Watermelon Ice Cube
Cuisine: Put watermelon flesh into blender and whisk it into juice. Pour the watermelon juice into an ice tray and put it into the fridge. Then you got the watermelon ice cubes and you can put them into drinks as you like!

4) Watermelon Popsicle
Cuisine: Blender the watermelon flesh into juice and get it filtered. Put some sugar into the watermelon juice and put it aside. Pour some glutinous rice flour into a small pot, then add water and blender it into paste. Heat the paste and blender it. Pour the paste into watermelon juice and blander the mixture. Pour the mixture into mould and have it frozen for above 5 hours. You can also add other fruits, yoghurt, wine…as you like.

5) Watermelon Pudding
Milk, watermelon juice, Gelatin, sugar
Cuisine: Soften the Gelatin sheets in water. Pour milk into the pot, add some sugar and boil it. Put 10 g Gelatin sheets into the milk, stir the mixture until the Gelatin sheets melt and then put it aside until cool. Pour the mixture into a glass and freeze it in the fridge until set. Filter the watermelon juice and mix it with melted Gelatin. Then pour the mixture into the glass and freeze it until set. Pour in the rest milk mixture and freeze. Then put some watermelon flesh on the top of the pudding. You can also replace the milk with cocktail, etc.

6) Watermelon & wine Jelly
Watermelon, whisky, vodka, Gelatin, sugar
Cuisine: Cut the watermelon into halves. Whisk the watermelon flesh into juice and add some sugar. Soften the Gelatin with cold water and heat it until melt. Mix the watermelon juice with melted Gelatin and pour in vodka and whisky. Pour the mixture into watermelon bowl and freeze it in the fridge for 4-5 hours until set. Cut the watermelon jelly into pieces.