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Xuhui Binjiang has been upgraded
By:Luo Yiqing  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2018-02-09 09:10

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By the end of 2017, the establishment of Xuhui Binjiang had been completed. The whole construction includes an 8.4km landscape avenue, an 8.95km park walk, tracks, cycle trail and a 500-thousand-square-meter open space. It is the only place in Shanghai that people can enjoy the view of Huangpu River while driving or riding. Half of the route of the Shanghai international marathon passes here. Many other Cultural and artistic activities and professional forums are also held here. What’s more the improved service facilities provide more convenience for tourists.  

● Xuhui Binjiang Tourist Center

The tourist center has both volunteer service and information service, which is next to the Long Museum.

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The service center is equipped with the reception area, the display area and the temporary emergency treatment area, providing daily visitors' consultation, activity information, medical first aid, tourist lounge, and art education, etc.

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It is planned to set 4 tourist centers. By the end of June 2017 they had all been put into use. Up to now, the total number of visitors is 6,019.

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● Running Post

There are 7 running posts in total, each of which provides services like shower, dressing, storage, drinking water and public toilet. The one co-established by Adidas and Runbase also provide running teaching service and free running shoes lending service.

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● West Bund Box

The Box covers an area of about 30 square meters. In the form of container, it provides information, public security sentry box, emergency, medicines, wheelchair, vending machines, and umbrellas, charging treasure rental service. The box will also become the recycling point of beverage bottles while providing all-round human services to tourists and implementing the concept of green ecology. In long term, it will be combined with the security box, and the service area will cover the whole territory of Xuhui Binjiang.

 Convenient traffic

The regional three-level traffic guidance system and the intelligent parking management system were improved,opening more than 15,000 public parking spaces. They also build 2 bus hubs (Dong’an road and Huangshi road bus hub), improve the density of bus network and realize the basic coverage of rail + ground bus network in the region. At present, the 1212 bus line along longteng avenue has been opened, and it is connected with lines 7, 11 and 12, improving the accessibility of external traffic. To further improve the regional slow traffic system construction, they will increase the number of public bicycles and the configuration of the site, promote the way of sightseeing buses and cycling, and provide transportation links for shore excursions.

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 Toilet Revolution

According to the request of the national tourism administration for a new round of “toilet revolution”, the construction of tourist toilet has to meet a high standard. The current toilet and other comprehensive service facilities will be built according to the radius of 500 meters.

 Special Guide

According to the standard of public identification on both sides of Huangpu River, the visual image of Xuhui Binjiang is collected globally and the regional characteristic navigation marking system is designed.

Let us look forward to the upgraded version of the Pujiang tour, the better play of Shanghai west bund.

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