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Performance season of Shanghai Grand Theatre begins
By:Yichuan Ma  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2018-07-10 16:01

The 2018-2019 Shanghai Grand Theatre performance season, themed “Dream beyond the stage”, began recently, featuring as many as 149 operas, ballets, symphonies, dramas and traditional operas, staging almost 300 performances. There will be productions with Chinese revolutionary cultural elements that celebrate the 40th anniversary of the reform and opening up, ones manifesting south Yangtze River culture such as traditional Chinese folk music and Kunqu Opera, and stage dramas that present the Belt and Road cultures.

Shanghai Drama Troupe delivers reputed productions

Shanghai drama troupe is expected to stage reputed productions to offer a gift to the 40th anniversary of reform and opening up. The award-winning large-scale historical play “Shang Yang”, with its outstanding actors from the Shanghai Dramatic Arts Centre, will be on stage again. The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra has for the first time invited foreign composers to produce the entire traditional orchestral piece.“Shanghai Odyssey-Story of the Bund”presents the achievements of Shanghai’s growth at the juncture where all of the Huangpu River’s walkways and facilities are connected. Shanghai Concert Hall has gathered the top production teams of China and South Korea to create the large-scale musical “The Twilight of Springtime”. Three original operas will be on stage at Shanghai Opera House:“Morning Bell”presents the short but heroic life of Li Dazhao; “Tian Han” is about the legend of the great composer; and“Which Way the Wind Blows” celebrates the 100th anniversary of the New Culture Movement. The Shanghai Kunqu Opera Troupe and Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe will both offer terrific performances.

Another noteworthy production is the Kunqu Opera “Six Chapters of a Floating Life”, named after the essays written by Shen Fu of the Qing Dynasty (1644–1912). The play is written by the award-winning screenwriter Luo Zhou and performed by outstanding young actors from the Jiangsu Kunqu Opera Troupe. This will be the first production that boosts the regional cooperation in the Yangtze River Delta.

Top ten of the performance season

The top ten list generated over the last performance season received favorable reports and this year there will also be a top ten list that the audience may follow.

The Magic Flute, co-produced by Shanghai Grand Theatre and Germany’s National Opera House of Hamburg, will showcase the urban scenes of Shanghai. Wagner’s opera, The Flying Dutchman, is the latest production by the Erfurt Opera House, also known as the German hometown of music, and will be staged at Shanghai Grand Theatre.

In the drama section of this year’s performance season, there will be a co-production by the Schaubuhne Theatre of Berlin and the Complicite Troupe of London based on the novel of Stefan Zweig,“Ungeduld des Herzens”(“Beware of Pity”). The famous playwright Robert Wilson will arrive at Shanghai Grand Theatre again to direct his own production,“The Sandman”. Two plays of Shakespeare,“The Life and Death of Julius Caesar” and “Hamlet” will be shown in the format of high definition films.“Hamlet” is performed by star actors of Beijing People’s Art Theatre such as Hu Jun and Pu Cunxin.