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Glimpse of the week (4.30-5.4)
2018-05-04 18:48


Glimpse of the week (4.30-5.4)

A dazzling array of cultural relics will be showcased in the cultural exhibition “Silk Road in Dunhuang, Happy Life” which was officially opened to public on the morning of April 28 at the Shanghai Tower. Among the treasured exhibits will be life-size replicas of Grotto 29 at Yulin Caves, Grotto 220 at Mogao Caves, Grotto 285 at Mogao Caves, and a bronze statue named “Galloping Horse Treading on a Flying Swallow”.

|http://english.eastday.com/Shanghai/u1ai8595389.html[!--empirenews.page--]|As May begins, Shanghai has entered an official sporting month. It is expected that there 157 events will take place across the city. With the successful completion of the bid for the 2018 Shanghai Amateur Games, various events this year will be in full swing. Among the series of events, there will be nearly 10 football games, running competitions and city orienteering challenges respectively.[!--empirenews.page--]|In May, beautiful spring flowers can be seen everywhere. A street landscaping design named “Blooming Flowers” which claims to be the largest in Shanghai has appeared on the circular musical fountain on People’s Square.[!--empirenews.page--]|The first China International Brand Expo (CIBE) will kick off in Shanghai on May 10. On the Chinese independent brand list, “Made in Shanghai” has left a considerable mark. But as China enters a new era, the mission and connotation of “Shanghai Manufacturing” is also undergoing major changes.[!--empirenews.page--]|Years ago, an online game called “Happy Farm” once made headlines across the country and was especially popular among young people. Now,a piece of farmland in Malu, a suburban town in Shanghai’s Jiading District, has made this online game a reality. It recently became home to Family Happy Farm, recruiting “farm owners” from across the city.