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“Travel Frog” themed post office opens in Shanghai
By:Luyukun  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2018-05-24 19:34


“Travel Frog” themed post office opens in Shanghai

The first “Travel Frog” themed post office in China opened in Shanghai on May 21. Travel Frog, or Tabikaeru in Japanese, is a cute Japanese mobile game featuring a traveling frog that has been a hit in China since earlier this year. The themed post office runs its business in two branches of China Post in Shanghai—Pudong Lancun Road branch (No. 62 Lancun Road) and Xuhui Branch (No.105 Tianyaoqiao Road). The decorations inside the themed post office make visitors feel as if they are inside the house from where their “frog son” departs on his travels (the player assumes the role of his mother). A giant model of the eponymous frog inside the post office has attracted a lot of fans to linger there and take photos.

Moreover, the “Travel Frog” post office has released a special themed postmark and fans can collect “Travel Frog” postcards with this special postmark stamped on them. In order to fully bring the game scenarios to life, Shanghai Post has turned virtual postcards into real physical postcards and released other souvenirs like “Travel Frog” stamp folders and scrapbooks with themed stickers. Fans are able to get a full collection of the postcards to record every stop of their frog son’s journey, and keep them both physically in their houses and digitally in their phones.

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