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A glimpse of the week (5.28-6.1)
2018-06-01 19:36



It has been eight years since Shanghai started to enforce metro security checks. However, it seems that Shanghai citizens have not yet become fully accustomed to the enforcement.

|Eastday.com held a coming-of-age ceremony yesterday to mark its 18th anniversary. The ceremony began with a touching drum beat performance by kids with autism. One Video, the new short-form video product of Eastday.com, officially went live at the ceremony. Lovely donations and an entertaining sports meeting were also the highlights of the celebration.[!--empirenews.page--]|Shopping malls across Shanghai have launched a variety of activities amid the atmosphere of the approaching Children’s Day. Eastday.com takes a look at the upcoming events![!--empirenews.page--]|After months of suspension due to some operational concerns, the noodle vending machines have appeared once again in the city. At the touch of a button, a piping hot bowl of noodles will be served up in just 45 seconds. It is reported that by this September, more than 100 vending machines will be put into use in Shanghai’s campuses, hospitals, parks and other places which are heavily populated but where transportation is relatively inconvenient..[!--empirenews.page--]|The first list of film recommendations in the Official Recommendation Section for this year’s Shanghai International Film Festival has come out! Among the list of recommended films are: Cold War, the Best Director award winner at the 71st Cannes Film Festival; Jusqu’a la Garde, the Best Director award winner and the Best First Feature Film winner at the 74th Venice Film festival; Lady Bird, the Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical, and the Best Actress winner at this year’s Golden Globes; Toivon Tuolla Puolen, winner of the Silver Bear for Best Director at the last Berlin Festival; Hannah, the Best Actress award winner at the 74th Venice Film festival; The Killing of a Sacred Deer, the Best Screenplay winner at the 70th Cannes Film Festival; and The Disaster Artist, also a winner of many prizes. Let’s take a close look at these movies![!--empirenews.page--]|It has been eight years since Shanghai started to enforce metro security checks. However, it seems that Shanghai citizens have not yet become fully accustomed to the enforcement.Related Reading:[!--empirenews.page--]|It’s Children’s Day today. While the smiling faces of adorable youngsters remain a constant, there is a growing trend whereby more citizens are choosing a more sustainable way to celebrate the festival with their kids.[!--empirenews.page--]|Following the latest trend of “new retailing,” China’s first 4S store for second-hand cars was opened in Shanghai in late May. Services like automobile condition guarantee, guaranteed transaction, a 3-day free test drive and full refund will be rolled out successively in the 4S store. The operator will keep updating its guarantee system to adapt to ever-changing consumer demands. [!--empirenews.page--]|The 2018 Ctrip Hotel Family Fun Room Package White Paper was released yesterday in Shanghai. The White Paper sheds light on the domestic parent-child tourism market segment for the first time, while also  issuing the first standards for family fun room packages in the travel industry, covering such aspects as facilities, supporting services, and kids’ experience.