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Explore the Laogang Landfill: handling 70% of Shanghai’s household waste
By:Lu Yukun  |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2018-08-02 20:26


Explore the Laogang Landfill: handling 70% of Shanghai’s household waste

On July 31, organized by the Communist Youth League Committee and the Information center of the Shanghai Municipal Greening and City Appearance Bureau, college students on their summer practice program for greening and city appearance arrived at Laogang town to participate in an activity named Where Has Your Garbage Gone.

|[!--empirenews.page--]|[!--empirenews.page--]|The Household Waste Science Popularization Exhibition Hall opened on October 27, 2017. The exhibition hall is the first of its kind dedicated to raising awareness of what happens to household waste and cleverly uses a large amount of materials recycled from household waste.[!--empirenews.page--]|Through the exhibition hall, the college students got a fresh idea about garbage and why household waste should be sorted, thus improving their environmental protection awareness.[!--empirenews.page--]|Students were visiting the Centre for Utilization of Renewable Sources of Energy. In the operation room, an operator was operating the grab.[!--empirenews.page--]|The screen is displaying the real-time status of the garbage pool. Laogang landfill, with a life expectancy of 100 years, handles 70% of Shanghai’s household waste, covering a total area of 30 square kilometers, as large as Macau.[!--empirenews.page--]|In the Household Waste Science Popularization Exhibition Hall, students were checking a bottle filled with such organic waste as perishable vegetable leaves, fruit peel and food residues. It will take 6 months to one year for this wet waste to decompose.[!--empirenews.page--]|[!--empirenews.page--]|Students were playing the garbage sorting games to have a better idea of the challenges brought by ever-growing garbage.