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A stroll on Harbin Road
2019-03-21 21:22


A quiet corner of the Peninsula Bay.
|[!--empirenews.page--]|Intersection of Li Yang and Harbin roads beside Harbin Road Bridge[!--empirenews.page--]|Harbin road is around 600-meters long and it takes only ten minutes to stroll along. It exudes both a peaceful and bustling atmosphere.[!--empirenews.page--]|If you start from the intersection at Li Yang Road, the first attraction will be the Upper Bookstore at No.129. Despite the inconspicuous door, there is definitely more to the two-story bookstore than meets the eye.[!--empirenews.page--]|The first floor is dedicated to stationary, books on architecture, and a coffee area.[!--empirenews.page--]|The second floor is shelved with books from other genres like culture and social sciences.[!--empirenews.page--]|The next stop, the Peninsula Bay, formally known as the Harbin Building, is a creative park.[!--empirenews.page--]|The next stop, the Peninsula Bay, formally known as the Harbin Building, is a creative park.[!--empirenews.page--]|Part of Peninsula Bay is encircled by the Shajinggang River; likely the inspiration for the former factory’s new name.[!--empirenews.page--]|[!--empirenews.page--]|Across the street is the Old Commercial House 1913.[!--empirenews.page--]|The building, formerly the premises of John D Hutchison & Company Ltd (now better known as Hutchison Whampoa), constructed in 1913, is now a loft-style compound and a creative park.[!--empirenews.page--]| It is part of the Shanghai Music Valley (SMV), a key project of the Hongkou Cultural Creative industry.[!--empirenews.page--]|A few steps away is the Harbin Road Second Bridge.[!--empirenews.page--]|[!--empirenews.page--]|Apart from those historical buildings, there are many charming modern boutiques around on this street.[!--empirenews.page--]|[!--empirenews.page--]|Across the bridge we could observe the everyday life of Shanghai locals in this old and dilapidated part of the downtown area, where the traditional everyman city life is still well-preserved.[!--empirenews.page--]|Two young women walking by the old houses on this street